We supply plates of all kinds for flexographic printing, varnishing applications and much more besides.

Flexo plates

elastomer flexo plate

Regardless of whether you print on flexible packaging, labels or corrugated cardboard, we have the optimal plate material for any specification and any application. (continue)

Varnishing plates

varnish plates

Stripped, photopolymer or laser engraved. Choose the most efficient finishing type for your particular product.. (continue)

Elastomer sleeves

elastomerer sleeve

For high printing speeds with no quality compromises: Laser engraved, seamless sleeves offer many benefits. (continue)

Special plates

security printing

Special plates for letterset applications and security printing, rubber plates for use with ester, ketone and oil based pigments, Nyloprint and magnesium plates for foil and blind embossing. (continue)

Accessories for plate cleaning

Plate cleaning brush

Perfectly cleaned plates give clean print quality. See our selection of special brushes or rollers for plate cleaning on or off the press. (continue)


Stamp sample

Wooden, metal and electric stamps for industry, trade, retail. Special stamps and stamping machines. (continue)